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Cyber Rebellion Codes

Children’s Day Special! 🎈

We’re giving away a gift code to make this day extra special. Enter Happy61CR24 to receive your surprise gift! 🎁

This code will expire on June 30th

How to use Cyber Rebellion codes?

  • Run the Cyber Rebellion game.
  • Click on the icon with your level on the top left.
  • Press the gift code button next to the Settings .
  • Type your gift code and tap the Confirm button.
  • You can receive your Gifts from the e-mail section.

* The gift code section is unlocked at Level 20.

How to Open Chapters?

Implant: Unlocks at 5:00 on the 2nd day of server launch and upon clearing Main Story 03-04.

Module: Clear Main Story 08-12 to open.

Friends: Unlocked at Lv. 10

Rank: Unlocked at Lv. 20

Inventory: Clear Main Story 01-04 to unlock.

Aide: Clear Main Story 01-08 to unlock.

Arena: Clear Main Story 03-07 to unlock.

Cyber Siege: Clear Main Story 02-08 to unlock.

Dimension Assault: Unlocked at Clear Main Story 5-3 to unlock from 11:00 on Day 2 after server launch.

Commander: Clear Main Story 07-12 to open.

Chats: World channel chat is unlocked at Lv. 10

Keepsake: Clear Main Stroy 02-06 to open.


Celebrating the 2 million pre-registration milestone, we have prepared four redemption codes for Commanders to thank you for your continued support. Come and redeem the codes, and let’s start a new chapter in the cyber world together!

Valid Until: 2023-11-10 (0:00:00) – 2024-2-10 (0:00:00)


General recruitment item. Used to recruit Combatants.

A cubic core that stores mysterious energy. One can use the power of the core to temporarily delve deep inside Crosspace to search for Combatants anima data.


A rare currency. A valuable resource that can be exchanged for reward items in CompCore Store.

A high-quality circuit core that can amplify computing power. A rare resource in the electronic world.


Points earned by unlocking achievements. Used to unlock achievement trophies.


Consumed in daily actions. Regenerates automatically in the city.

The medium by which the nervous system controls prosthetics.

Precious Gold Medal

Rare currency Recharge to collect the Precious Gold Medal of the same value, which can be used to activate console command.

A magnificent gold badge, hand-carved with a high collection value. It is said to be a symbol of veteran players.

Secured Coins

A general currency. A currency resource widely used in Skyline City.

A gold coin carved with an identity circuit that makes it hard to be copied or counterfeited.

Component Interface

Ordinary fusion material. Used for Combatant fission modification.
A necessary item for Combatant Modification. It connects the components to sustain the prosthetics.

Anima Chip: Gunblade

Exclusive to Rik – Gumblade, an Anima Chip that contains specific anima data.

Mod Component A

Special fission material. Used for Combatant fission modification to S-Rank or specific S-Rank Combatants.
A prosthetic component that improves the dynamic system.

Awakening Core

Awakening Recruit item, use it to recruit awakened combatants.

A cubic core that stores mysterious energy. One can use the power of the core to temporarily delve deep inside Crosspace to search for Combatants anima data.

How to Win More Rewards?

You can also earn rewards other than Cyber Rebellion codes. You can follow the steps below to win various prizes.


Click to join the official Discord Community to keep abreast of trends, share experience and find soul-compatible friends.

Awards: 200x CompCore

Daily Share

The first share every day grants rewards.

Awards: 20x CompCore

Follow & Like

Successfully follow our official Facebook Fan Page and like it to receive exciting rewards. (Each character can only claim once.)

Awards: 200x CompCore

Bind Account

To prevent your account from being lost in the future, please click the button below to bind your account.

Bind Email Rewards

You will get I Tesseract after binding successfully.

Awards: 1x Tesseract

Binding Phone Rewards

You will get 2 Tesseracts after binding successfully.

Awards: 2x Tesseract

Fun Events

Join the official Discord community to know the latest updates, share experiences and find friends.

Game Information

Cyber Rebellion Codes

  • Game Name: Cyber Rebellion
  • Requires Android: Android 5.1 and up
  • Size: 1 GB + 37.02 MB In-Game Download Pack
  • Downloads: 100,000+ downloads
  • In-app purchases
  • Content rating: PEGI 12 • Moderate Violence
  • Released on: Nov 9, 2023
  • Offered by: NEOCRAFT LIMITED

What Languages Are There in the Game?

There are a total of 7 languages in the game: English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Português, русский язык and 中文.

Cyber Rebellion Codes (2024)

CodeRewardsEnd Date
Happy61CR24 (NEW)
  • In-game rewards
June 30, 2024
  • 10x Tesseracts
Welcome Gift Codes
  • 2x Tesseracts
  • 20.000 Secured Coins
Welcome Gift Codes

* MHE = Might have expired.

Expired Cyber Rebellion Codes

  • WorldCR88
  • EastereggCR
  • ValentineCR
  • CRCCC7 – Assault Skill Code V20
  • CRLLL7 – Keepsake: Smiling Mask
  • CRRRR7 – 10 Tesseracts
  • 2024NEWYEAR
  • CR1000K – 10x Tesseracts, 1x Spiked Glasses
  • BvRCCYBL – 100x CompCore, 5x Component Interface
  • bnzcc82x
  • de9frdr8
  • M7Y2zYYy
  • SNOWGIFT2023
  • pbYtHfzF
  • TKSGIVING7 – 2x Tesseracts, 100x CompCore

Cyber Rebellion Codes

Cyber Rebellion gift codes (2024). Cyber Rebellion is an action game developed by NEOCRAFT LIMITED and MGSStudios.
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