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Primon Legion Codes

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How to Redeem Primon Legion Codes?

To use Primon Legion codes, you must reach level 10 and complete the trailer sections.

  1. Log in to the Primon Legion game.
  2. Click on your Profile Picture in the top left.
  3. Enter the Redeem Pack in the menu that opens.
  4. Type your gift code and press the Redeem button.

Game Information

Primon Legion Codes

  • Game Name: Primon Legion
  • Requires Android: 8.0 and up
  • Size: 555 MB
  • Content Rating: PEGI 12 • Moderate Violence
  • Downloads: 100,000+ downloads
  • Released on: Feb 28, 2024
  • Supported Languages: English, Czech, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish

Primon Legion Codes (April 2024)

CodeRewardsValid Until
  • In-game rewards
April 16, 2024

Last Check: Apr 15, 2024

* With the new update, Primon Legion codes are not case sensitive.

Expired Primon Legion Codes

  • 4GB9QVJPL – April Fool’s Day Gift
  • d82b8598902b5dc3
  • WIN – 1x Koi Scratch Card
  • TESLA- 1x Koi Scratch Card
  • NOW- 1x Koi Scratch Card
  • 5SJ7DUPL
  • PL24STRAT – x88 Chromashell Gold & Stardust
  • 3cc52e3d24cd23f2
  • c422e644bdf08981
  • PL24LOVE
  • DSS77PL

Primon Legion – Wiki

Primon Legion will officially launch on February 29, 2024!

Step back in time… Collect and train your monsters, and conquer other tribes!

Primon Legion Wiki provides useful information and English manuals to guide you.

Get the following in-game gifts using Primon Legion codes.


This currency is commonly used on Eden Continent for Dragonbone Enhancements and Beast Spirit Enhancements.

Everyone loves this shiny thing.


This is the rarest property on Eden Continent. You can use it to buy and redeem precious items.

After thousands of years of polishing and refining by mother nature, this shell is glowing.


Formed over the course of thousands of years, this item can be exchanged for valuable treasures from the Precious Market.

This comes from an alien continent very far away. Legend says gazing into in will show you the secrets of the stars.

Character EXP

You can earn Character EXP by completing required activities and Hunts. This EXP can help level up your characters~.

A warrior travels the world, and the experience will hone both their body and mind!

Evolution Fruit

This magical fruit contains the power of evolution. It can evolve your Primons into higher tiers.

Blessed by the High Priest, this evelved fruit of a divine tree is rich in the energy of light and very rare to come by. It is used as a type of currency on Eden Continent.

Meat Chunk

Gives 2000 Primon EXP.

This chunk of grilled meat smells delicious. Though the chunk is small, it tastes juicy all the same.

Lucky Primon Egg

Use this in Lucky Summon to get a Rare Primon.

This can hatch into a random Exquisite Primons. People say if you collect 10 of these, they will be more effective!

Dragonbone Crystal

This crystal contains energy and can enhance Primon Dragonbones by giving +100 EXP.

Random Fruit

Open to get one of the following rewards at random: Summer Cherry, Summer Blueberry, Summer Grape, or Summer Gourd.

Rare Cherry

This T3 Brawler Aptitude Fruit can give 100 EXP to your Brawler Primons.

Bright and red, this small object resembles an agate gemstone. It tastes sweet and a bit sour, capable of restoring your vigor and giving you great power for a short while.

7-Day Summoning Gift

Instantly active.

Every day, you can claim Lucky Primon Egg *1 in the Market for 7 days.

You can renew this to extend the duration.


You can earn Reputation from the Arena or Mightiest Warrior. Use it to buy items from the Reputation Shop!

The audience shouts to carry the name of the warrior to beyond the distance!

Overflowing Stamina

It costs Stamina to go on a hunt. Spend Stamina to receive Character EXP.

It makes you energetic and vigorous.


Use this to redeem valuable items from the Point Market.

Send gifts to your friends to get this. You can also get it by helping others complete various activities ~~


This juicy skewer has chunks of belly meat, full of nutrients but not greasy. It’s so tender and soft that it melts right in your mouth.

Rare Fruit Selection: Open to get one of the following 1T Fruit on your choice. Red, Blue , or Yellow Fruit.

Rexa Dragonbone: Depending on the Primon and the equipped part, a specialized skill can be learned.


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Primon Legion is a Role-Playing game developed by PIXEL RABBIT LIMITED. You can find Primon Legion codes and wiki in this article.
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