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World of Water Codes

Lords, do you hear the call from the ocean?

The ocean sustains humans and all other life on Earth, but we do know very little about the vast ocean.

What we know is that the current ecological status of the ocean cannot be ignored. The groans of the ocean are floating in the ears of us, and we need to Awaken New Depths.

In the World Oceans Day, let’s awaken new depths of understanding, compassion, collaboration, commitment to the ocean.

We need to work together to establish a new balance between humans and the ocean. No longer abuse ocean resources, but restore the liveliness of the ocean and bring new vitality into the ocean! Let us join hands and take practical actions, and with our efforts bit by bit, make the ocean thrive again!

How to Redeem World of Water Codes?

  1. Click on your Avatar in the upper left corner.
  2. Enter the Settings section.
  3. Tap the Redemption Code .
  4. Write your Code and press the Enter button.

Note: iOS users can redeem their World of Water codes from the official redeem site.

Game Information

World of Water Codes

  • Game Name: World of Water
  • Requires Android: 4.4 and up
  • Size: 152 MB
  • Contains ads – Offers In-App Purchases
  • Content Rating: PEGI 7 • Mild Violence, Fear
  • Downloads: 1,000,000+ downloads
  • Released on: Jan 22, 2024
  • Genres: Role Playing • Puzzle Role-playing • Match 3 RPG • Casual • Single player • Stylized
  • Offered by: StarFortune
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

World of Water Codes (June 2024)

CodeRewardsExpiry Date
CallofOceans (NEW)
  • In-game rewards
June 21, 2024

* MHE = Might have expired.

Expired World of Water Codes

  • workersday2024
  • blueplanet
  • congratsdc15k

You can access game information, Google Play Store and App Store links on the World of Water game page.

Game Tips

Welcome to Game Tips! This article provides a number of links to in-game event guides. Just tap a link to quickly find the information you need.

Hot Spring Battle

Hello Lords.

Get ready for the ultimate combat: the Hot Spring Battle which is full of intense competition and generous rewards.

Craby is so excited to share the basic gameplay and strategies of this glorious battle where the most powerful Alliances in the ocean demonstrate their great teamwork, dedicated plans, and determination to win.

Who will be crowned the King of Ocean?

Rising Power

Dear Lords, this mysterious ocean teeming with challenges awaits your exploration!

With the opening of this new ocean, the “Rising Power” event that embodies glory and strength has started. Use your courage and excellent skills to conquer the ocean and you will be invincible. As a reward, you will receive a valuable 5 ★ Hero — Killer Whale, one of the most powerful predators in the marine ecosystem. This can take your “maritime empire” to a new stage!

Event: Rising Power

Tips: You can receive extra rewards when the Great Barrier Reef reaches specific levels.

Craby recommends Lords to prioritize upgrading the Great Barrier Reef.

Lords. let’s conquer the ocean and create our own legends. 5 ★ Killer Whale is waiting for you!

Clownfish’s Adventure

The Clownfish, while searching for treasures, accidentally loses its way beneath the waves.

Undeterred, it firmly believes that true valor is the key to unlocking treasures.

Are you prepared to embark on a treasure hunt alongside the adventurous Clownfish?

Cleanwater War

The Polluter invasion has significantly depleted the Cleanwater resources, making it impossible to meet the needs of all Alliances. Only those garrisoned near the Cleanwater Spring can compete for more Cleanwater and earn Fame.

Dear Lords, it’s time to rally your allies and participate in the [Cleanwater War] to seize victory and earn generous rewards!

Event Time: Preview Phase (Mon/Tue) – Registration Phase(Wed) – Support Phase (Thu) – War Phase (Fri) -Reward Phase (Sat/Sun)

Event Overview: The Cleanwater War is a challenging event where two Alliances fight for dominance and earn points by occupying Hubs or gathering resources.

After the war ends, both winning and losing Alliances will receive corresponding rewards. You can exchange your rewarded Cleanwater for items in the Cleanwater Shop!

Clash of Oceans

Clash of Oceans – Sieze the Throne for your Ocean

The trumpet of oceanic warfare has been blown as the competition for dominance in the oceans is about to start. Who will become the ruler of the oceans? Let us stay tuned and find out!

Event Time: The event will open every two weeks

Event Goal: Defend the Central Hot Spring of your Ocean from being occupied by alliances from the rival Ocean(Main Goal), and manage to occupy the Central Hot Spring of the Rival Ocean.

Event Phases

Preview Phase: Details of the event can be previewed 13 days before it starts. Please get prepared!

Matchmaking Phase: Matchmaking will take place 10 minutes before the event starts. The rival information will be released at 8:00(UTC+0).

Combat Phase: Let battle commence! You can either fight in the rival Ocean or defend enemies in your Ocean for the glory!

Craby looks forward to your outstanding performance in the Clash of Oceans! I hope you can come out on top!

Thriving Great Barrier Reef

Upgrading buildings and researching evolution can rapidly increase your power. Let’s do it!

Many wild creatures in this ocean threaten the survival of the Great Barrier Reef. Hunting wild creatures and participating in adventure to earn more points!

Powerful troops are indispensable for battle. Reproduce troops rapidly to conquer any enemy!

As marine life, a strong and powerful body is essential. Enhance organs, cells, proteins, and genes to boost your power.




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