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Mythic Heroes Codes

Congratulations Summoners, you’ve all successfully deciphered this equation! We know this math puzzle has got everyone debating between multiple answers, but the correct answer is “6”!

Here is the reward code for all to claim, make sure to claim it before it expires~

How do I redeem Mythic Heroes codes?

  • Open the Mythic Heroes app.
  • Click on your Profile Picture  in the top left.
  • Go to Settings  in the bottom right.
  • Click on the Code  section.
  • Paste the Redeem Code  you copied into the window that opens.
  • Press the Confirm  button.
  • You can receive your gift via in-game Email .
  • This is everything.

Game Information

Mythic Heroes Codes

  • Game Name: Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG
  • Requires Android: Android 7.0 and up
  • Size: 1 GB
  • In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items)
  • Content rating: PEGI 7 • Implied Violence
  • Downloads: 5,000,000+ downloads
  • Released on: Nov 2, 2021
  • Languages: English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish
  • Offered by: IGG.COM

Mythic Heroes Codes (July 2024)

Added 1 new active Mythic Heroes codes.

CodeRewardsEnd Date
  • x400 Diamonds
Aug 15, 2024

Codes are not case sensitive. In order to use the codes, you must complete the introductory sections of the game.

Expired Mythic Heroes Codes

  • 93E8VME
  • B8J8QGQ
  • TAV26CK
  • PLYZ2G2
  • 363UYLP
  • S3UU6S4
  • UN5K9VQ
  • MY744HH
  • 4F43KA4
  • 9SFL92J
  • 2WWDLW8
  • D9ET2RV
  • 4MLS43G
  • TQAK97
  • V83X4Y
  • SW5QB

* If you need older Mythic Heroes codes, you can find them on the Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG page.

What are In-Game Gifts?

You can win the following beautiful gifts by using Mythic Heroes codes.


Diamonds are a rare resource in the realm.

Use: To summon Heroes, purchase items, etc..

Source: Astrolabe, battle or events.


Experience is the materialization of combat events.

Use: It is necessary for upgrading a Hero’s Level.

Source: Astrolabe, battle, and from Yggdrasil Well in Trials of Ascension.

Exploration Coins

Can be used to explore for Antiques.

Source: Obtained from the Astrolabe, Quests, Marketplace, or events.

Gears of Time

The Gears of Time accelerate the Astrolabe of Truth, providing resources for the Summoner.

Use: Insert Gears of Time into the Astrolabe to gain rewards.

Source: Marketplace or events.

Standard Summon Scroll

A scroll to summon Heroes.

Use: Exchange to receive a Standard Pool Summon.

Source: Marketplace or events.

Faction Summon Scroll

A scroll to summon Heroes.

Use: Exchange to receive a Faction Pool Summon.

Source: Marketplace or events.

Limited Summon Scroll

A scroll to summon Heroes.

Use: Exchange to receive a Limited Pool Summon.

Source: Marketplace or events.

Beast Seals

These seals were given to humanity by the Gods to help to control the mighty Zodiac Beasts.

Use: Item to seal the Divine Beasts during the Beastly Echoes event. These seals do not expire.

Source: Can be obtained from Beastly Echoes event, the Astrolabe of Truth, Cumulative Summon Rewards, Event Quests, or the Marketplace.

Crescent Keys

Humans use Crescent Keys to spin the Lunar Wheel, which conveys the favor of the Gods.

Source: Event Quests or Packs from Weekly Events.

Luminous Pearls

Humanity has found these pearls which are the brightest material in the Ascension Realm. With them, a dazzling star map can be made distinct in the night sky.

Use: Can be used to light up a Zodiac Map during the weeklong event. These pearls do not expire; they can be saved and reused whenever the Zodiac Mapping event is open.

Source: Zodiac Mapping event, the Summoner Sanctum Cumulative Reward, Quests, or purchased from the Marketplace.

Heavenly Orb

The Creator has designed everything in the world, including a pure energy source too perfect for this realm. They are known as Heavenly Orbs and look like perfect, reddened pearls. Only these orbs are a worthy power source for the treasures from The Creator.

Use: These orbs can be used to upgrade the Heavenly Gifts in the Creation Panorama area.

Source: By pledging Privilege Vouchers for Heavenly Gift draws and weekly events like the Tower of Babel, Zodiac Mapping, etc.

Rune Fragment

Runes have been used throughout the ages to harness the power of the elements. Even their fragments retain their immense force.

Use: Collect 100 fragments to receive a random Lv. 4 Rune.

Novastar Gems

Novastar Gems are a precious resource in the Ascension Realm.

Use: They can be used to buy Packs and other items in the Store.

Source: They can be obtained by purchasing Novastar Packs.

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Update Date of Codes: Jul 16, 2024

You can now access Mythic Heroes codes, which were previously shared monthly, on this page.
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