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Whiteout Survival 2023 Codes

Active Codes

CodeRewardsEnd Date
  • x6 100x Gems
  • x3 1h Training Speedup
  • x5 Chief Stamina
  • x50 1K Meat
  • x50 1K Wood
  • x10 1k Coal
  • x5 1k Iron
DEC 19, 2023

Expired Codes

  • COMEBACK – 1,000 Gems, 1x Gold Key, 3x 10,000 Hero XP, 3x 100 VIP XP, 5x Chief Stamina, 10x 5m General Speedup
  • Bw8Y8G4q0
  • STATE600
  • Discord500K – 1x 1.000 Gems, 2x Mythic General Hero Shard, 3x 1h Training Speedup, 50x 1k Meat, 50x 1k Wood, 10x 1k Coal, 5x 1k Iron
  • STATE300 – 1x 1k Gems – 2x 100 Enhancement XP Component – 2x Gold Key – 50x 1k Meat – 50x 1k Wood – 10x 1k Coal – 5x 1k Iron

Crazy Joe Bug Fix

The gift code issue we mentioned in our blog post titled Whiteout Survival 2023 Code Issue has been resolved and the following statement has been made by the developer.

Dear Chief,

We have fixed the issues reported for the (Crazy Joe), please try out the feature again.

We apologize for the inconveniences, please accept our sincere apology.

Thank you for the understanding and support.

Whiteout Survival Team

It gives the following gifts in the attachment of the mail.


  • 200x Gems
  • 1x Gold Key
  • 2x 1h General Speedup
  • 40x 10k Meat
  • 40x 10k Wood
  • 10x 10k Coal
  • 5x 10k Iron
  • 10x 1k Hero XP

Get surprise 🎉 gifts and discounts 💝 in the game 🎮 using the Whiteout Survival gift code.

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TIME LEFT - Jan 1, 2024


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