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Archero Codes

Archers, good news! 🏹⛏️

From June 4th to June 9th, we’re excited to introduce our brand-new event – Underground Cave! 🕳️🗺️

Embark on an exhilarating journey as you uncover the vast underground with Pickaxes, drills, or Bombs! ✨💥 Get ready to reap rich rewards and the powrful SS Dragon – Thunderfrost Wings! And that’s not all, the rare SSS Relic – Somersault Cloud shards will be available too! 🌩️

Good luck!🤞

How to Redeem Archero Codes?

  1. Go to Archero official Gift Exchange .
  2. Enter the Game IDRewards Code  and Verification Code .
  3. Press the Redeem  button.
  4. Open the Archero game.
  5. Check your in-game emails.
  6. This is everything.

Game Information

Archero Codes

  • Game Name: Archero
  • Requires Android: 5.0 and up
  • Size: 2 GB
  • Contains ads – In-app purchases
  • Content Rating: PEGI 7 • Mild Violence
  • Downloads: 50,000,000+ downloads
  • Released on: May 18, 2019
  • Genres: Role Playing • Roguelike • Casual • Single Player • Stylized • Offline
  • Offered by: Habby
  • Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish

Archero Codes (June 2024)

CodeRewardsExpiry Date
MonthersDay (NEW)
  • In-game rewards
May 20, 2024
MothersDay (NEW)
  • In-game rewards
May 20, 2024
Labor2024 (NEW)
  • 10x Energy
  • 55,555x Gold
  • 100x Gems
May 14, 2024
Bobbe94 (MHE)
  • 10x Energy
  • 100x Gems
  • 50k Gold
ArcheroWiki (MHE)
  • In-game rewards
Archero2024 (MHE)
  • x200 Gems
  • x20 Stamina
  • 3x Golden Key

* MHE = Might have expired.

Expired Archero Codes

  • StaySafe1 – 10x Stamina, 100x Gems
  • DKCS2444 – 20x Iron Arrow
  • DKCS2333 – 20x Iron Arrow
  • DKCS2222
  • DKCS2111 – Demon King gifts
  • Spring2024 – 88.888x Gold, 166x Gems, 20x Energy
  • NationalDayJP
  • NewYear2024 – x50.000 Coins, x10 Stamina, x2 Obsidian Chest Key
  • ThanksGiving2023 – x202300 Coins, x20 Stamina
  • ActionPoint – x5 AP

You can access the old Archero codes archive on the Archero game page.

In-Game Items

Some of the rewards you can win with gift and usage codes are listed below.


Rare currency needed to buy items.


One must never adventure without this currency. Essential for improving yourself.


Contains mysterious energy, which can be used to upgrade heroes.

Adventure XP

Currency used to upgrade account’s Adventure Level.


Relic Chest – Dragon Chest – Celestite Chest. Includes Great, Rare, Radiant, Epic, and Holy shards of complete.

Rare Items

Rare in-game items that you have less chance of getting with Archero codes.

Adventure Energy Pot: Energy pot that lets you continue fighting if you’re defeated.

Balanced Magestone: Embedded with balanced runes. Used to upgrade Balanced Dragon Statue.

Bloodthirst Stone: Having absorbed fresh blood for thousands of years, this magic-rich stone exudes an evil aura. (Obtain from Hero Mode)

Evolution Chip: Super powerful Chip, used to Evolve Heroes.

Spirit Scroll: Scroll used to upgrade spirits.

Skill Reset: Used to reset ability learned from stage upgrades.

Premium Coupon: A premium coupon used to redeem hero outfits.

Exquisite Coupon: An exquisite coupon used to redeem hero outfits.

Great Exquisite Dragonite: Used to upgrade the magic of A Grade Dragon Statue.

Privilege Points: Collect Privilege Points to increase Privilege level and unlock more privileges!

Starlight Stone: Contains the power of starlight. Enhances Relics.

Legendary Clan Chest: Purchasing certain items will grant all Clan members a Clan Chest. Opening chest will give ad random reward.

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June 2024 gift codes for Archero, a role-playing and action game published by popular game developer Habby.
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