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Echocalypse Codes

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How to redeem Echocalypse Codes?

  1. Open the game on your phone.
  2. Click on your Profile Picture in the top left.
  3. Click on Basic Data from the menu that opens.
  4. Tap the Redeem Code button.
  5. Type your gift code and press the Confirm button.

Game Information

Echocalypse Codes

Echocalypse Codes (April 2024)

gt28an16hp (NEW)
  • 1x Adaptability Material
  • 20x Special Equipment Component Selection Chest
InWonderland (NEW)
  • 1x Avatar
  • 1x Medal [Eriri Gashapon]
  • 1x Furnishing [Elemono Gashapon Machine]
  • In-game rewards

* MHE = Might have expired.

* Echocalypse Codes are case sensitive.

Last Check Date: Apr 13, 2024

Expired Echocalypse Codes

  • gt28ba57kf – 5x Generic Bio-Chip III, 5x SSR Affinity Gift Selection Chest
  • HAPPY100DAYS – 600x Iridimorphite, Avatar Frame [100 Day Anniversary], 2x Nutrient Solution
  • HelpNovaSquad
  • SPRING2024 – 1x Draw Item, 20x Solar Terms Background: Spring Equinox, Mission Data IV
  • he95e48gyd – 3x Echo Crystal Flake, 20x Nurture Solution IV
  • he37d2r9bf – 5x Generic Bio-Chip III, 5x Tooth of the Leviathan, 5x SSR Affinity Gift Selection Chest
  • ECHOLOVE314 – 150x Iridimorphite, 52.000x Tribute Point, x10 Random SSR Affinity Gift Bag
  • IWD0308 – 1x Draw Item, 38k Tribute Points, x10 Random SSR Affinity Gift Chest
  • HINAMATSURI – 1x Raeon Emoji Set, 1x Furnishing [Lacquer-painting Screen], 5x Generic Bio-Chip III
  • ac24kr23ps – 1x Draw Item, 60.000k Tribute Points, 2x Action Points Recovery Item
  • VALENTINE2024 – x1 Faint Adoration, x5 Random SSR Affinity Gift Bag, x2 Handmade Chocalate, x300 Iridimorphite
  • 35KFOLLOWERS – x5 S Elementium, x4 New Year – Dumplings, x1 SSR Surprise Box, x1 Year of the Dragon
  • ECHO30DAYS – S Elementium*10, Avatar Frame “Crystal Memory”

You can find older Echocalypse codes on the Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant page.


Gifts you can buy using Echocalypse codes and the features and usage areas of these gifts.


A cluster of echo crystals, still maturing, buried deep within the heart of the earth.

Its ancient echoes hold the long history of the planet since its birth.


The scent of roses, passion, and the starry sky.

Tribute Points

Electric currency used in Teslovik. Battle records are analyzed and converted into Tribute Points that can be used to buy items within the organization.


Use for participation in Cage Fight. Use it to gain one battle attempt in Cage Fight. Admission ticket to Cage Fight. A nightmare for the weak and a testament to the strong.

Nutrient Solution

Use this item to recover Action Points. Multi-functional liquid food developed by the Teslovik logistics department, meeting the daily energy and nutrition needs of Cases.


Iridimorphite is a crystalline mineral with rainbow colors.

It is highly stable and relatively rare.

As the currencies between the four great powers are not interchangeable, they have implicitly acknowledged Iridimorphite as an alternative medium of exchange.

Identification Application

Item needed for draws in Neolith Banners.

An application with the stamp of the research department of Teslovik.

It can be used to identify once in Amber Identification.

Artificial Gore

A special active liquid made of Echo Crystal that looks like blood.

When fused into Elemonos with Adaptability Materials and Echo Crystal Flakes, it can noticeably enhance their power.

Mission Data

Use to level up Cases. Provides a small amount of EXP for then. Date of the easiest missions.

Augment Protocol

The main item used to tier up Cases.

Teslovik prepares Augment Protocols based on the developmental conditions of each Case. Augmentation helps unlock the full potential of Cases.

Relic Fragment

Use to improve Main Character’s Power and quality.

While collecting Relic components, Teslovik also came across smaller, irregular-shaped blue shards that also have mysterious powers.

S Elementium

A valuable item used for the Advanced Draw.

S Elementium contains samples of gene fusions from powerful animals. Cases are comprised of a combination of Echo Crystals, humans, and Elementium.


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