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Undawn Codes

No new code has been shared for Undawn for 3 months.

Welcome to Stygian City! A subterranean world of danger and darkness, where only the bold and the brave may survive! Do you have what it takes to enter? AVAILABLE NOW!

How do I redeem Undawn codes?

In order to use Undawn codes, you must complete the introductory sections and increase your player level to 10.

  • Log in to the game.
  • Click on the Perks button next to Trade and Store in the top left.
  • Enter the Redemption Center section at the top.
  • Write your Undawn Codes .
  • Press the Redeem button.

Game Information

Undawn Codes

  • Game Name: Undawn
  • Requires Android: Android 5.0 and up
  • Size: 604 MB
  • Offers In-App Purchases
  • Content rating: PEGI 12 • Moderate Violence
  • Downloads: 5,000,000+ downloads
  • Released on: Jun 12, 2023
  • Offered by: Level Infinite

Undawn Codes (June – 2024)

  • S3DOx – Shared as Creator Code

Last Check: Jun 07, 2024

Expired Undawn Codes

  • UNDAWN2024

You can find older Undawn codes on the Undawn page.

Redemption Center

Apart from Undawn codes, you can win many rewards by logging into the game daily and participating in events.


Can be exchanged at the trading post and for certain in-game transactions.


A basic type of currency that is nearly universally accepted.


Obtained by purchasing a monthly or weekly card. Can be spent on growth materials at the Merchant Guild.

RC (Currency)

Gained through purchase. Can be spent on items at the store.

Vanguard Key

A pre-disaster military code key collected from navigating through dangerous and complex battlefields. Collecting a certain amount can decipher and master some long-lost military technologies.

Purpose: Used to exchange for Vanguard Training Permits.

How to obtain: Participate in scheduled events or purchase from the store.


Used this to fine tune your weapons and equipment for greater precision.

Purpose: Fine tuning item.

How to obtain: Via scheduled events, Desperation Special Ops after character Lv. 90, or purchase from the Gold Shop.

Recombining Agent

Transcend natural human capabilities through gene recombination.

Purpose: Gene recombination.

How to obtain: Via scheduled event drops or purchase from the Gold Shop.

Synthesis Reagent

An essential item in the gene crafting process.

Purpose: Crafting various genes.

How to obtain: Via scheduled event drops or purchase from the Gold Shop.

Ionic Membrane

Ionic membranes increase the energy of membrane particles.

Purpose: A material for modifying unfinished goods.

How to obtain: Daily events, store purchases.

Alloy Reinforcement Coating

Alloy reinforcement coating, four of which can be combined into fiberglass reinforcement coating.

Purpose: A material for upgrading equipment in the enhancement system to level 1-20.

How to obtain: Daily events, Merchant Guild purchases.

Modification Pack

Open to get 10x ionic membranes, with a chance of also getting 1x nanocrystalline cores.

Locator Component

Composite material used to craft a locator. Ten locator components can be used to craft 1 locator.

Combat Points: Battleground reward that can be used to redeem items at the Combat Point shop inside Ravens Shelter.

Pet Trust Points: Can be obtained by raising pets and keeping them healthy or by increasing their friendship.

Camp Contribution: A reward for your contributions to the camp and various camp events. Used to upgrade skills at the training camp.

Talent Points: Use to improve talents and skills.

Surprise Pack: An exclusive pack that contains a random accessory blueprint, supply point, light reinforcement coating, armor plate chest, or rare metal.

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You can find the Undawn codes, which have a huge open world and different game modes specific to each player, in this article.
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