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Girls Evo Codes

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How to Redeem Girls Evo Codes?

  1. Open Girls Evo: Idle RPG game on your phone.
  2. Click on the Profile Picture in the upper left corner.
  3. Access the Settings at the bottom.
  4. Tap the Gift Code section.
  5. Type your Girls Evo Code and press the Redeem button.

Game Information

Girls Evo Codes

  • Game Name: Girls Evo: Idle RPG
  • Requires Android: 5.0 and up
  • Size: 917 MB
  • Content Rating: PEGI 12 • Mild Swearing
  • Downloads: 1,000,000+ downloads
  • Released on: Mar 5, 2024
  • Offered by: Loongcheer Game

Active Girls Evo Codes (April 2024)

  • Wonderful
  • FBreach1k – 1x Advanced Summon Ticket, 10,000x Gold, 10,000x Monster EXP, 100x Diamond
  • ForFBplayer – 1x Advanced Summon Ticket, 10,000x Gold, 10,000x Monster EXP, 100x Diamond
  • LETSGOGE – 1x Advanced Summon Ticket, 10,000x Gold, 10,000x Monster EXP, 100x Diamond
  • Fordiscord – 1x Advanced Summon Ticket, 10,000x Gold, 10,000x Monster EXP, 100x Diamond
  • 1kreached – 1x Advanced Summon Ticket, 10,000x Gold, 10,000x Monster EXP, 100x Diamond

Note: You can enter 2 codes into the game during the day. When you try to enter more than 2 codes you will get an “Today’s claiming limit has been reached” error.

* Girls Evo gift codes are not case sensitive.

Last Check: Apr 13, 2024

Expired Girls Evo Codes

  • AprilApril
  • Spring
  • heytrick – 2x Starry Gold, 100x Diamond, 1,000x Gold
  • ArpilFool – 3x Advanced Summon Ticket, 200x Diamond
  • Easter – 3x Advanced Summon Ticket, 200x Diamond
  • nicecool – 2x Starry Gold, 100x Diamond, 1,000x Gold
  • Springcomes


You can win many rewards by using Girls Evo codes. You can find out which reward does what in this wiki document.

Starry Silver

Used for Wish Draw in the Astrology House; made from a precious meteorite that is said to have a long silvery gray tail when it streaked through the night sky.


A precious stone in exchange for high-value items.


A basic currency in the market.

Idling Star Coin

Used to upgrade Idling Buff; A star-shaped coin earned in adventure, said to come from the other side of the stars.

Tranquility Potion

Liquid with ordinary look but actually containing melted hard metal; an essential material to craft Toxic Gas.

Demon Essence

Essence left by hunting demons in daily dungeons or decomposing Rune, used to Recast Runes.

Memory Sand

A proof of experience together, can be collected to review story plots in the Memory Palace.

Cheese Sausage

With the crunchy casing and rich cheese flavor inside, it is a perfect match with a cup of milk tea as an afternoon snack. Can be granted to Monster with Affinity +50, HP +500, and ATK +100.

Intelligence Refresh Ticket

A voucher that can refresh Quest without consuming Diamonds.

Advanced Core Enhance Stone

Used to enhance Core and grants 1000 Enhance Exp.

Sync Energy

Used to unlock Monster Slot in the Monster Sync.

Prophet Crystal

Used to summon guaranteed 4-star or 5-star Monster with specified stats.

Advanced Summon Ticket

An extremely rare pact with Monster, can be used for an Advanced Summon.

Empower Essence

Used to empower the character and level up the weapon.


A proof of daily activities; when it reaches a certain amount, you can claim D-Activeness Reward.

Random 5-star Shard

Collect 50 Shards to get a random 5-star Monster.

Tier-up Stone

Used to break through the Tier-up, Star-up, and max level of monsters.


Experiences you can gain with gift codes.

Character EXP

Used to level up the Character.

Monster EXP

Used to level up Monster.


A proof of significant contribution, used to promote VIP level.

Arena Items

Features of the items you can use in the arena.

Arena Ticket

Used in Arena to get an additional chance of challenging an opponent.

Arena Point

A currency earned in Arena Point Match and Elite Match, in exchange for gifts in the Arena Shop.


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In the Girls Evo game, you explore the legendary elf world. To help you in this discovery, we have prepared Girls Evo codes for you.
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