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Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop Codes

How to use Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop Codes?

You can use Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop codes in-game by following the steps below.

  • Open the game on your phone.
  • Click on your Profile Picture in the top left.
  • Enter the User Center section.
  • Tap the Gift Code Exchange button.
  • Enter your Gift Code and Verification Code.
  • Get your gifts by pressing the Redeem button.

For ios players, please use this website to claim your rewards. Due to ios policy, ios blocks APP codes. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to ios players.

Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop IOS Codes

Game Information

Nobody's Adventure Chop-Chop Codes

  • Game Name: Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop
  • Requires Android: 5.0 and up
  • Size: 408 MB
  • Free – Offers In-App Purchases
  • In-app purchases: $0.29 – $299.99 per item
  • Content Rating: Teen • Mild Violence
  • Downloads: 1,000,000+ downloads
  • Age Rating: Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
  • Released on: Nov 14, 2023
  • Offered by: 37GAMES GLOBAL
  • Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Thai

Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop Codes (June 2024)

Codes are case sensitive.

  • In-game rewards
  • x30 Peach
  • x2000 Beast Fruit
  • x50 Peach
  • x50 Jade
  • x50 Celestial Charm
  • x100 Beast Seal
  • x1000 Beast Fruit
  • x1 Binding Charm
  • x50 Peach
  • x50 Jade
  • x50 Celestial Charm
  • x100 Beast Seal
  • x1000 Beast Fruit
  • x1 Binding Charm
  • 1000x Beast Fruit
  • 120x Spirit Blossom
  • 20x Vitreous Orb
  • 2000x Spiritstone
  • 100x Jade
  • 100x Peach
  • 100x Spirit Blossom
  • 2x Binding Charm
  • 500x Jade
  • 200x Peach
  • 40x Beast Seal
  • 5x Binding Charm
  • 100x Jade
  • 50x Peach
  • 2000x Beast Fruit
  • 10.000k Spiritstone
  • 50x Jade
  • 50x Peach
  • 50x Spirit Blossom
  • 1x Binding Charm
  • 500x Beast Fruit
  • 60x Spirit Blossom
  • 10x Vitreous Orb
  • 10.000k Spiritstone

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Expired Codes



This jade is highly sought after by cultivartos.

You can use it to purchase a variety of items from the Market.


Containing Boundless energy, this tone has gained widespread popularity among cultivators.

Vitreous Orb

These unique orbs can be used to hire rats within the Blessed Land.

Spirit Blossom

This blossom brimming with spiritual energy can be used to boost your innate bloodline.

Beast Fruit

This mysterious fruit can be used to upgrade your beast.

Binding Charm

An incantation imbued with the power of ancient immorals.

Can harness natural power to summon genies.


Peaches harvested from the heavens.

Obtaining them will increase the number of chops you can perform.

Holy Water

Mysterious water that can be used to accelerate the growth of the Divine Tree.

Lingzhi Mushroom

Through absorbing the essence of natural energy, it can be used to enhance your perception of innate bloodline.

Rename Card

This charm allows heaven and earth to bear witness to any changes to your name.

Beast Seal

Adorned with enigmatic inscriptions, this facilitates a stronger bond with your beast.

Use it to refresh or summon beasts.

Spirit Crystal

Can be used to unlock new regions and slots when exploring in Beast Realm.

Will expire when the event ends.

Taoist Tome

It sparks enlightenment. Sending it to your compatriots adds 1 point of Affection.

Duel Challenge

Without it, you won’t be able to challenge others in the Duel section.

SSR Soulbloom

This bloom, originating from the souls of primordial beasts, is a curial material in the Soul Cultivation of SSR beasts.

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