Come Quick, My Friend!

Come Quick, My Friend!

Genshin Impact Come Quick, My Friend!

Recently, I’ve been asking Xiangling to teach me the culinary arts! She obviously agreed, and my first task is to go up into the mountains and gather ingredients, and the ingredients must be “innovative.”

Now, my dear friend, having read that, I am sure your eyebrows must be furrowed as you wonder: Anything that flies in the sky, swims in the sea, or runs around on the ground and can fit into a mouth has already been tried by Xiangling, so how can one still find “innovative” ingredients?

Even I was confounded, and wandered about with hands most empty indeed, until I found myself sitting high in the boughs of a tree, legs swinging free, when the answer hit me!

Superb ingredients may be found at the ends of the sky, but also right beneath your eyes! This pine is solid, sturdy, and full of fragrance, so it’d be perfect for roasting chicken!

Ideas burst forth like water from a spring, so I shall dedicate a poem:

The mountains are beautiful beyond compare, trees aplenty and mushrooms rare,

So long as your friends are there, even if eating grass most bare.

I’ve chopped the pine and prepared the fowl, and the fire is already roaring… Now all I need is for you to come taste my progress!

Sender: Hu Tao

Time/Date: 2023-07-16


  • 5x Fowl
  • 1x Ghostly March
  • 5x Pine Wood


A fresh chunk of fowl. Handled properly, it can make a hearty meal.

Ghostly March

Revives a character and restores 15% of Max HP, then restores an additional 550 HP.

Hu Tao’s specialty. The round-faced ghouls seem quite cute, squeezed into a pile as they are. But if you were to fall to temptation and try but one of them, you may yet come to regret it for a long while… After all, this plate is full of top-quality, taste-bud-blasting—Actually, what on earth is this stuff, anyway?

Pine Wood

Timber obtained from pines. Its color and grain are nothing to write home about, but its unpretentious nature is elegant in its own right. The wood is very sturdy as well. In able hands, its products should be able to resist moth and rot alike. Can be used to create furnishings.

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